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The Mulvihill House, circa 1913
2727 Washington St, Vicksburg, Miss.

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    2017-10-10 22:16:27
    Troop 136 - Fundraiser 2017 - Christmas Wreath Hangers

    This year, Troop 136 is working with Mickman Brothers to do holiday decorations. Please visit and use the coupon code TR136TX003. Our Scouts appreciate the support.

    2016-03-28 10:47:53
    New Troop Fundraiser - Coffee!!

    So this year, instead of popcorn, we decided to try something a little different. Most of the Adult Leaders have a tendency to drink a bit of coffee now and then. OK, some of us drink a bit more than others. We found a really good company which specializes in All Things Coffee. There are a ton of differenet sources listed and, so far, I haven't found one I don't like. Yes, I have tried more than a few. This year, our Troop decided to go to Camp Alexander in the Spanish Peaks of Colorado. It's supposed to be a really great camp, but the distance and popularity make it a bit more expensive. If you like coffee and would like to help Levi and Ethan check out the site. Just add their names in the note field when you order.

    2014-09-04 07:22:57
    A Battle Almost Done

    My little brother, Greg, entered Hospice care Tuesday, Sep 2, after two long years battling renal cancer. He has been resting comfortably and has been able to have small chats between naps with his Mom, brothers and sister. He slept peacefully through the night, not in the bed, but in a recliner chair; a position he's very familiar with at home. As his breathing becomes raspy and a bit more labored, it is evident his battle is almost done. I will miss my little brother very much, but I wish him peace and a speedy journey on his way to our next home.

    2014-04-29 09:41:51
    Lag in posts

    The boys are in Scouts. Jane is cheering. Baseball, Softball, Den Meetings, Pack Meetings, Troop Meetings, Committee meetings, District Roundtable, Council Membership meeting, Twin Arrows Staff development, and Summer Camp prep all happening. Can't explain why I haven't posted in forever, but I just can't seem to find the time these days. Updated the blogger tool and it appears to support mobile posting a little better, so maybe I'll be able to add more news this year.

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February Birthdays


Douglas GreenNov 1963
Angela Sue MooreNov 1968
Edmund HerzikNov 1876
William Loyd Scott01 Nov 1938
Janie Carroll Hadley02 Nov 1970
Melissa Marie Sprabary02 Nov 1972
Melton Travis Kent02 Nov 1943
Harold Cody Jackson02 Nov 1943
Joseph Kuntschik02 Nov 1855
Jinny Lawrence03 Nov 1880
Dustin Gene Taylor03 Nov 1981
David Mark McDaniel03 Nov 1944
Eugene(adopted) Howard03 Nov 1963
Michael Sean Baker04 Nov 1977
Gerald Samuel Stoermer04 Nov 2009
Mary Virginia Stout05 Nov 1951
Harley Lawrence05 Nov 1884
Charles Stoermer Ottis05 Nov 1927
Robert Christopher Stoermer05 Nov 1988
Kenneth James Battle05 Nov 1962
Raleigh Washington Baker05 Nov 1893
Addie Mae Marquart06 Nov 1897
Paul Allen Shockley06 Nov 1987
Mark Wilson Murphy06 Nov 1960
William Warren Nobles06 Nov 1917
Rebecca Ann Hoffpauer06 Nov 1956
Daniel Howard Trimmell06 Nov 1980
Alton Wayne Lawrence07 Nov 1928
Valton Dwaine Lawrence07 Nov 1928
William Hale Nobles07 Nov 1905
Cameron Gordon Moffatt07 Nov 1983
Caroline Louise Bertha Kurtz08 Nov 1820
Maxine Marie Reed08 Nov 1950
Rosina Kuntschik08 Nov 1853
Chase Michael Stoermer9 Nov 2011
Frances Louise Nobles09 Nov 1909
Robert Keith Fisher10 Nov 1944
Elizabeth "Lizzie" Small10 Nov 1880
Arthur Terry Lawrence10 Nov 1943
Thomas Jerry Lawrence10 Nov 1943
Lenora Elizabeth Nobles10 Nov 1893
Allison Kinsey Nobles11 Nov 1984
Heather Nicole John11 Nov 1985
Michael Troy Caley11 Nov 1954
Harry B Herzik11 Nov 1924
Sherry Crawford12 Nov 1973
Elice Katherine Gavin12 Nov 1981
Rastmus Onesimus Nobles12 Nov 1853
Warren Nobles Tomlinson14 Nov 1943
John L. Sullivan15 Nov 1884
Ollie Mae Allen15 Nov 1907
Mason McKenzie Banks15 Nov 1996
Chad William Stoermer15 Nov 1985
Gary Gene Allen15 Nov 1952
William Augustus Nobles17 Nov 1876
Geraldine Nobles17 Nov 1926
Andrea Leigh Baker17 Nov 1963
James Lemond Small18 Nov 1826
Richard Steve Neuman18 Nov 1951
Hazel Marthaleene Nobles18 Nov 1912
Charles Benjamin Scott19 Nov 1949
Patricia Lynne Lewis 19 Nov 1962
Elmer Chester Nobles19 Nov 1880
Billy Don Morrison20 Nov 1957
Edwena Lawrence20 Nov 1921
Sherri Ann Brice20 Nov 1966
Jessie Adlle Baucher21 Nov 1919
Shelli Ann Grisham21 Nov 1959
Racheal Ardell Hoffpauer21 Nov 1977
Cathy Jo Watkins22 Nov 1971
Johann Rudolph Stoermer22 Nov 1878
Jennifer Lynn Baker22 Nov 1968
Katherine Anne Poole22 Nov 1938
Friederike Ida Scharlotte Stoermer22 Nov 1866
Robert Tarter22 Nov 1854
Kyle Amos Curry24 Nov 1986
Kathleen Ann Billingsley25 Nov 1951
Bret Wayne Wallace25 Nov 1970
Caroly Sparks25 Nov 1959
Jewall Elizabeth Yates25 Nov 1949
Ottis Tillman Estes25 Nov 1917
Claude Brice25 Nov 1907
Robert Otis Fisher26 Nov 1918
James Marion Chapman26 Nov 1870
Wilhelmine Fredrica Kuenstler26 Nov 1897
Casey Eric Crowdis26 Nov 1979
James Monroe Howard27 Nov 1881
Donna Gail Menke28 Nov 1948
Tiffany Ann Murphy28 Nov 1974
Gerald Delbert Sullenberger28 Nov 1939
Peggy Jane Estes28 Nov 1948
Dora Annie Nobles29 Nov 1874
John Everet Small29 Nov 1903
Nathan Bull30 Nov 1711
Kennard Blackwell30 Nov 1931
Donald Ray Lawrence30 Nov 1931


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